How It Works

Fill Out The Form

We have a short online form that you must fill out. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we will discuss your funding request right over the phone. Either way, it is a quick a easy process because our form is short, usually taking only 10 to 20 minutes to fill out. Once the form is completed, we will process it and get back in touch with you quickly.

Our Specialist Will Contact You

The next step will be us contacting you with a few questions that will allow us to learn more about your business and how we can be of help to you. That information will allow us to estimate how much capital you can qualify for. Typically you may qualify for up to 300% of your credit-card volume, which can be a very generous amount.

Collect More Data

We have a simple, one-page application which will give us additional data about you and your company. The application, along with four months of credit-card processing statements, will give us all we need to evaluate your application. If your business does not accept credit-card payments, we will use bank statements instead of credit card statements. Our process is set up to make it very easy for you to provide us with the data.

Wait For Approval

We strive very hard to get your approval to you within 24 hours, if you qualify for one of our programs. Our company prides itself on approving our clients in a very timely fashion. We recognized the urgency you feel when you contact us and we work hard to relieve that urgency.

We Set Up Split Funding

Once you have decided on the amount of money you will want to receive from us, we will take care of the rest. We will work with your current credit card processor to set up split funding. We work with your current credit card processor so there will be no need to change processors, which relieves a lot of stress. We do all we can to make the entire process easy and stress free for you.

Wait For The Money

Usually, asumming that we have all of the required correct and accurate information, we process the electronic funds transfer to your account. You could receive your money within 24 hours.

How To Pay It Back

Your next question is probably, how do you pay the advance back. It is really very easy. Each day, we take a small percentage of your credit-card processing. This means that when you get paid, we get paid. This is great news for you. Processing your payment in this way eliminates any worry or stress you might have about whether or not you will have the money to pay the advance back.

Fill The Form Out Now

If you need a cash advance, especially if you need money right now, simply fill out the short online form. The sooner you fill out the form, the sooner you will be one step closer to receiveing the funding that you need. You can receive the funding you need in as little as 72 hours. All we need is the information you provide with the short online form and our one-page application.