ISOs: Stop Getting Your Deals Declined

Many ISOs in today’s crowded and convoluted lending marketplace today face the same problem. You work hard to gain leads and nurture them toward a mutually agreeable deal. You’re committed, creative and resourceful. Yet many of your deals get declined by rigid funders who lack the flexibility and funding depth you need to help your business grow. When you do manage to close a deal, you’re not earning what you should. Many agents struggle to break even, never getting the opportunity to grow their business despite an inherent talent and strong work ethic.

Independent agents like you are the lifeblood of any MCA funder—every lender secures most of their clients from key broker relationships rather than from direct solicitation by prospects. Do you feel like you are undervalued by your funding partner?

At 1st Global Capital, we’re proud to be the kind of financial partner that ISOs love to work with. How do we do it? Because our primary goal is to support small businesses, we make the origination and approval process very smooth. We use our experience, our funding power and our technological expertise to empower ISOs like you to maximize your business opportunities. We spent years developing a world-class online funding platform designed to help you broaden your offerings and secure approvals in record time. We want each and every closing to be a swift, painless process. Our experienced underwriting team is ready to deliver the innovative solutions you need to approve the widest variety of clients. We are a DIRECT funder with the ability to close deals up to $25 million. We approve 90% of the deals we receive.

Our independent sales partners are much more than simply brokers—their hard work underpins everything we do.

Become a 1st Global Capital partner to start funding faster and funding more.

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