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Merchant Cash Advance

Are you a merchant looking for working capital?

This program is perfect for your merchant clients that are looking for working capital from $10,000 – $500,000. It comes with a customized repayment plan, payable via either ACH or splits. Concurrent MCA deals and refis are both welcome! We offer our ISOs aggressively high commissions, working closely with each agent to make sure their client gets the funding they need to succeed. Most businesses that apply for a merchant cash advance from us are approved.

Specialty Funding Options

Not every deal fits into a traditional MCA funding option, but that doesn’t stop us. At 1GC, we are glad to consider every single deal that come to us. As a direct funder, we have the flexibility and the opportunity for creativity that lets us provide your customers with innovative funding options, without all of the hassles and hoops of traditional financial institutions. These deals usually have higher funding amounts and customized terms. Most businesses can receive an unsecured business advancement that is unique to their needs within 7 days.

Collateral-Based Funding

An asset-based advance requires that the business owns something of value: machinery, computers, property, or anything else which can be used as collateral. This can qualify business owners for larger advancements.

Accounts Receivable Funding

Accounts Receivable Funding is an advance against money a business has earned, but not yet received. Getting this type of advance can be very straightforward. Great for alternative large deals and distressed-debt situations.


1st Global Capital has the financial strength, the knowledge and the infrastructure to offer international business funding.

Our friends in Puerto Rico and Spain enjoy the same fast, flexible funding solutions and easy approvals that our US partners enjoy. Our bilingual customer service team is ready to assist any Spanish-speaking clients with their funding needs.

If you have international deals that need to be funded, we are ready and able to help. 




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