alternative business lending

Alternative Business Lending

The Relationship between Alternative Business Lending and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs)

The alternative business lending industry has become one of the best ways for startups and small businesses to generate funds to grow their businesses.

Merchant cash advances are a leading category within the alternative business lending industry because this sector provides services to startup businesses that banks don’t offer when giving out loans. But the fast rise of the alternate business lending market doesn’t just benefit business owners—it also represents a huge boon for the independent sales organization (ISOs)—especially the independent single operator. If you’re a creative entrepreneur with the ability to nurture business owners in need of funding, this is a great way to grow your operation.

The relationship between alternative business lending and independent sales organization is a win-win relationship of mutual benefit.

How ISOs Benefit the Alternative Business Lender

ISOs are a powerful partner for alternative business lending companies, offering the funder benefits like:

  • Credibility: The role of the ISO is to act as the bridge between the merchant and the funder. In this process, they establish credibility which will be profitable to the alternative business lending company. This credibility assures the client that their funder is a legitimate provider with integrity.
  • Communication: The independent sales organization establishes effective communication between the alternative business lending company and the clients. Whatever decisions needs to be made to make a deal that’s agreeable for both sides, including a repayment process that is customized for the merchant, the ISO acts as a friendly mediator.
  • Saves time and energy: The ISO merchant takes control of majority of the lending process until the money is paid to the merchant cash advance account. This is a powerful resource for the lender, allowing them to focus on what they do best, like innovative underwriting that will help America’s small businesses. 

How Alternative Business Lenders Benefit the ISO

Aside from the obvious benefit of generating income, the relationship with an alternative business lender offers other advantages:

  • Builds relationships: ISO merchants work as a friendly bridge between the alternative business lending company and the merchant. This helps build a strong relationship between the ISO and the client and could extend the business relationship in the long run.
  • Middleman opportunity: ISOs need partners with the funding depth to approve a variety of different alternative loans in order to be as successful as possible. Working for a flexible lender with deep funding power means faster deal approvals and better commissions. It lets the ISO maximize their earning opportunities, earn aggressive commissions and avoid having the majority of their deals declined.
  • Massive client network: An ISO can maintain a large client network by working with a sufficiently robust alternative business lending company.
  • Credibility: An ISO can gain credibility from clients if he/she carries out the job efficiently. Your ability to be efficient depends on the quality of your funding partner. Happy clients generate repeat business, referrals, and yet more happy clients!

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