Easy Approval

90% Approval Rate

We have the highest approval rate in the market. We will go the extra mile to get you approved.

All Credit Types


Perfect credit is no longer a requirement. We work with serveral lenders that work with all credits.

Quick & Easy

24 Hour processing

Our team of associates understand that your time is valuable. They diligently work to process your application quickly and effectively.

No Credit Card Processing

We make it easy

While financial institutions make obtaining funds difficult, we work with all types of businesses.

Our Goal

Is To Provide you business the right funding solution.

About 1st Global Capital

We are 1st Global Capital LLC and our primary goal is to provide all businesses with the money they need to invest in inventory, improve machinery, pay bills, upgrade technology or systems or whatever else they need funding to do.

Many funding sources require you to have near perfect credit. Many lenders want you to process credit cards in order to get the money you need. Not 1st Global Capital LLC. We provide businesses with unsecured funding they can use to get their business on solid footing.

What We Offer You

  • Unsecured Business funds
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Asset-Based funding
  • Factoring


Unsecured Business Funds

We can provide the money you need without the hassles other financial institutions put you through.

Merchant Cash Advance

Obtain a payment plan that is right for you based on monthly earnings.

Asset-Based funding

Get lower interest funding using property which can be used as collateral.


This is an advancemente against money your business has earned but not yet received.


I was on the tail-end of my 2nd year in business, when a laundry fire destroyed 90% of my facility and property. I had property insurance, but no insurance to cover the loss of equipment, products, or the fact that we were now losing business every day.

I never considered taking out a loan previous to the fire, and had no idea what was ahead - or if I would be eligible, considering the now devastated circumstances of my business. 1st Global Capital took a chance on funding my business. The process was simple and quick. The loan helped get us started in a new location, replace what was lost and get back to work.

When I repaid the first short term amount, they offered with a second one, which was accepted. Suddenly, we were 6 months past the fire, in a beautiful location, and going strong again.

Today, I paid off the remaining amount on that loan, two months early. I can honestly say that had it not been for 1st Global Capital taking the risk on funding my business during one of the most difficult times of our lives, we would not be in business today.

Marlaina S.
Colorado Springs, Co.