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When you need money lightning fast, you need 1st Global Capital LLC. This is a company that cares about you and your business. Getting endless rejections from banks can be intimidating. The great thing about our company is that we say yes when others are unwilling. All you have to do is take two minutes to fill out our simple form. Otherwise, if you would like more information, you can speak with our representatives to let you know what you qualify for right away.

We try to simplify the process and make it as quick as possible. As business owners ourselves, we understand time is money. The best part is that most small business owners will receive their cash within the first week of filling out our form. We understand that small businesses are the beating heart of the economy, so we try to get people their money when they need it. Are you suffering from low credit? Don't worry, we won't judge you. We understand that many small businesses mix their personal finances with their business finances, and this can sometimes lead to issues. Our loans are available even to those who are suffering from bad credit. With us, there is no need to worry about not having enough collateral or losing your assets. We will also never place restrictions on how you can spend your loan. Our company understands that small business owners need room to breathe.

1st Global Capital LLC does four different types of lending. Here are some of the loans we offer and what they can do for you.

Unsecured Small Business Loans
An unsecured small business loan is quick and easy to apply for. This is actually where we specialize our business. With an unsecured small business loan, you do not have to worry about your loan being secured by collateral. This means you will not lose assets if you do not have the means to pay the loan off. Another advantage is that you will only be charged interest on the amount borrowed. That ensures that if you ever rack up a larger debt, it will not keep piling up at an impossible rate. We strongly believe in the advantages of these loans.

Merchant Cash Advance Solutions
Merchant cash advance solutions offers small business owners a method for getting their business up and running. A merchant cash advance loan can also help a business to update their business. Raising the capital for a loan can many times be difficult, and especially if you are dealing with bad credit, it can be next to impossible to get a loan. However, our company offers these loans with no worry about credit. We have a high approval rate.

Asset-Based Lending
With this lending method, the advantage of these loans is that your interest rates will be lower. Asset-based lending is a great choice for people who have something of value to offer, in the event that they could not pay off the loan. Asset-based lending means people do not have to pay as much interest for their loans. For someone who is secure in their business, and they have the collateral to offer, this would be an excellent choice for them. 1st Global Capital LLC thoroughly believes in the power of giving people what they want when it comes to loaning out money to small businesses. We want to be as useful as possible.

The final type of loan that we are currently offering is known as factoring. Factoring is money that is loaned against account receiving. The advantage to this type of lending is that you can get your money more quickly. You can get the cash that is required to help make the resale. This type of loan is also much easier to acquire than if you were to ask the bank. Your chances of getting this type of loan are much higher, and you will not have to do as much paper work. Simply fill out our form.

We believe in the power of small businesses. That is why we are there to help support them when no one else will. If someone doesn't stick up for the little guy, then who will? You don't need perfect credit, you don't need to process credit cards, and most importantly, you don't need to wait a long time to get approved.

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